Our Venues

Scalo Vanchiglia

Via Conte Luigi Tarino 3/G, 10124 Torino – Italy

Scalo Vanchiglia was founded in 2013 in the historic district of the first post-industrial Turin.
The restaurant that brings in its DNA the origins of a southern Italy mixed with the territory, offers a tasteful cuisine, without borders, tasty, simple, where you can savor carefully selected raw materials and reworked in ever new ways.
Kitchen and oven complement each other to offer a constantly renewed selection, all in a modern furnished room with an industrial design.

Norma – Polpetteria Artigiana

Via Roero di Cortanze, 4/b, 10124 Torino – Italy

We decided to make meatballs, good meatballs, meatballs that we like.
We started from the memory of the meatball of the house, that of the grandmother, of the mother, of the aunt. We have rediscovered the taste, made of aromas and textures, but also of family and celebration.
With the same spirit we have chosen the raw materials: all of quality from the simplest to the most sought after. We did a fair number of rehearsals to return exactly from where it all started, that is, to the pleasure of poor food only apparently. Cozy and eclectic, joyous, almost always round, satisfies, comforts, satiates and spoils.

Distilleria Quaglia

Via Giulia di Barolo 54, 10124 Torino – Italy

Kogin’s Club

Corso Sicilia, 6, 10133 Torino – Italy